KBucket's Mobile Application

KBucket pages can now be published on mobile phones.  This means every user can now create their own custom news channel on any topic, organize it into multiple streams, and publish it as a Mobile app.

The best way to understand how this works is to test it.  We have a demo app that takes this KBucket on Curation, Marketing and Search and publishes it to your Mobile platform.

Optimizing Search - Improving your curated product

I don't know about you but I often don't get things right the first time.  When I start a project - a blog, or a curation project on KBucket - I start with a topic , by creating a few categories to store my curated links .

What happens next is inevitable - as I curate my ideas on how to tag and organize changes.  Often the reason is because I can not find what I curated and that tells me that the tags and the grouping are not optimal and they need to change.

Is filtering Curation?

I have been wanting to write about this subject for a while.  Curation is a hot and emerging topic and there are new products introduced almost weekly that try to tackle the challenge of curation.

What is curation?

Curation is traditionally defined as “The act of organizing and maintaining a collection of artworks or artifacts”.

Curators are knowledgeable about their domain and hence the ability to pick the best work for a collection based on their research and knowledge of the subject matter.

Curation has two defined characteristics – organization and maintenance - Organization implies that you can always access the collection and know where things are - Maintenance implies that you can always add or subtract items in time. 

Refinement is the essence of curation

Describing curation Rohit Bhargava says - "a content curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online". The most important component of this job is the word - continually.  In the real-time world of the Internet, this is critical."

Curation and Journalism

I want to share an example of how Journalist (both mainstream and bloggers) can use curation to validate their arguments.

The Example:

Recently IMF (International Monetary Fund) came out with a report praising the Iranian government for the implementation of their economic plan (Subsidy Cuts).

Curation is ART

According to Wikipedia "Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect."

Curation is the act of deliberately organizing content around a topic in a way that informs and educates your audience.

The headlines for a piece of content can be viewed as symbols. A headline is what draws people to reading and article or not. Additionally tags and tag clouds are also a symbolic representation of the curated collection of articles.

Curation & Thought leadership

There are questions on whether Curation = thought leadership?  This post is a response to a couple of tweets with Craig @ on this subject.  Since Twitter posts are hardly the right platform for philosophical dialog we decided to communicate through our blog posts - Here are my thoughts.

Bookmarking, Aggregation, Curation

Bookmarking, aggregation and curation have a lot in common but they are different.  Here is how:

A content curation strategy using Twitter and is a very cool application that aggregates and creates a newspaper style portal of your shared links on Twitter and facebook.

Here is a link to my page. You can also create papers on specific tags like the socialmedia tag.

I can use this information for a number of different objectives.

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